Executive License $600/year
Complete IRS Transcript Management System

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  • Bulk import your client list from your tax software.
  • The software checks your client's IRS account for changes on their account: Audits, Liens, Collections, Significant Balance Changes, Compliance, and more.
  • Monitor all of your clients in one easy to read dashboard.
  • Bulk generate 8821/2848 & withdraw letters.
  • Includes IRM and IRC Research Tool.
  • Optional Intelligent Ordering of Transcripts.
  • Optional Resolution Package with IRS Form Generation: 433's, 656's, 9465, and more (Including National Standards). This includes the CSED Calculator.
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Stand Alone Bankruptcy Calculator $800/year

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  • Includes IRS Transcript Download Product and Transcript Analysis Report Processor
  • Calculates Bankruptcy Tax Discharge Dates.
  • Calculates IRS 10 Year Debt Expiration Dates (CSED).
  • Imports Tax Assessments and Tolling Events directly from IRS Transcript import or manually.
  • Calculates return due date, return filed date and assessment dates directly from transcript import.
  • Checks for SFR and fraud indicators.
  • Import multiple transcripts, one at a time, or manually enter the values.
  • Create multiple custom bankruptcy logic profiles for different scenarios and Federal Districts.
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Product Executive Standalone Bankruptcy Calculator
*Includes transcript downloader
Product Features
How Many Installations Per Product License 1 2
Checks if 2848/8821 has been processed by IRS
Requests and downloads IRS Transcripts instantly
Transcript Analysis Report
Tracks estimated payments and federal tax deposits
Checks your Client's IRS Account for changes on their account: Audits, Liens, Collections, Significant Balance Changes, Compliance, and more.
Bulk import your clients from any tax software
Monitor all Individual & Business Client's IRS Account Status From an Easy To Read Dashboard.
Bulk Create 8821/2848    
IRS Form Generator (433s, 9465, 656) including IRS National Standards optional
Intelligent Transcript Ordering (Software automatically determines which transcripts to request. For example; account transcripts on open years and years with issues at interval set by user example every week or every month) optional
IRS Transcripts Processed
Tax Years Covered Back to 1990 Any
Account Transcripts
Tax Return Transcripts
Wage & Income
Separate Assessments
(AKA Mirrored Accounts)
Civil Penalties
Analysis Types
Detailed Tax Account Analysis
Detailed Bankruptcy Tax Discharge Analysis optional
Prior Bankruptcy Check
Bankruptcy Tolling Events optional
Audit/Examination Check
Collections Check
Active Lien Check
Penalty Check
CSED Calculations (1040 only)
CSED Calculations (Individual, Business, & Payroll) optional
Tax Returns Filed Check
Audit Red Flag Report
10 Year Wage & Income Analysis