Coming October 2015.  Sunshine Tax Solutions, LLC will offer Tax Help Software Bankruptcy reports that will include years filed, balances owed per year, estimated CSEDs (IRS Debt Expiration Dates), base bankruptcy discharge dates, and much more. We will also provide all mandatory IRS Transcripts required by the bankruptcy trustee.  The initial cost of this service will be $100 for an IRS account status report and all the IRS transcripts going back to 1990.  In most cases, this report will be available within 7 business days of ordering.

Sunshine Tax Service, LLC will also offer tax return preparation services specifically for tax payers filing bankruptcy. This service will take the IRS hassle off the bankruptcy attorney's plate at flat rate pricing.

How Will The Service Work

  1. Just have your client complete the IRS 8821 and disclosure authorization forms. 
  2. Upload the signed forms to our secure server.
  3. Within 7 days we will securely deliver the report and transcripts electronically to your client and if authorized by them to you as well.
  4. Tax Returns will be completed within 72 hours of us receiving all of the required data from the client.